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Season Two


One man’s misguided quest to conquer the world of home shopping. Gayl Pile (Morgan Waters) finds himself stuck in the daily grind as a host on the Shop-At-Home-Channel in Hamilton, ON.


Episode 1: A New Hope


Gayl enjoys his sexy and thrilling new business partnership with JD Castlemane. Beneath the facade of their successful new company lies a darker reality filled with penis bandages and domestic strife.


Episode 2: Darling Danger


It becomes increasingly hard for Gayl to keep up appearances as his living situation with JD deteriorates. Making matters worse, the popularity of RenĂ©e’s show soars.


Episode 3: In Gayl’s Dreams


Frustrated by Gayl’s constant worry about overspending, JD gives Gayl a crash course in sensuality. Gayl despairs when their latest venture turns out to be another scam.


Episode 4: Facial Mask


After Gayl and JD’s offensive antics on the air, The Shop At Home Channel is threatened with closure.


Episode 5: Bush


Gayl and JD say goodbye to civilization and get back to nature for some much needed rest and introspection. The two friends bond at the campfire.


Episode 6: Gimmie Shelter


Gayl can’t believe that Darron is planning to sell the station to a couple of “lefty liberal” types who want to rebuild it as a women’s shelter. Gayl suffers the worst crisis of his life.


Episode 7: Houston


Gayl and JD arrive at a trade show in Houston. JD promises they’ll hobnob with celebs and make big bucks with a new orifice lubricant. Gayl encounters some mysterious Houstonians.


Episode 8: Shuttin’ ‘Er Down


Gayl must face the fact that the TV station he grew up in is closing for good.


Episode 9: Balm Threat


Gayl and the rest of the gang work around the clock getting ready for the telethon to save the Shop At Home Channel. Jealous of Gayl’s new moisturizing product, JD hatches a plot.


Episode 10: Kill Everyone


Gayl hosts the telethon like a man on a mission, begging the TV audience to help save Hamilton’s only regional shopping channel. Can Gayl save the station, or will JD’s deadly plan spoil the fun?