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Season Three


One man’s misguided quest to conquer the world of home shopping. Gayl Pile (Morgan Waters) finds himself stuck in the daily grind as a host on the Shop-At-Home-Channel in Hamilton, ON.


Episode 1: Houston Awaits


Gayl lives large in his fancy new condo, and enjoys his lucrative position as a spokesman for the Asexual Association of America. JD is jealous of Gayl’s newfound success.


Episode 2: Trench Heads


Gayl buckles under the pressure of his new responsibilities as an asexual advocate, and JD begins his new career as a full time host at the Shop At Home Channel.


Episode 3: We Can’t Hang Out


Gayl and JD rekindle their friendship, but JD can’t help but mock Gayl’s asexual lifestyle. A mysterious stranger infiltrates the studio and teaches Gayl a lesson he won’t soon forget.


Episode 4: The First A-bar


After incurring the wrath of his boss at the Asexual Association of America, Gayl is tasked with opening Hamilton’s first A-bar, a swinging hotspot for asexuals. Meanwhile, Renée’s boyfriend moves in.


Episode 5: Nipple Activated


Gayl is a nervous wreck after his nipple gets activated via incidental contact with a woman. He becomes increasingly sensitive to the sexually charged atmosphere at work.


Episode 6: Canadian Thanksgiving


After a freak snowstorm, the Shop At Home Channel gang gets trapped in the studio for Thanksgiving. The coworkers band together in the spirit of the season.


Episode 7: Digital Dosing


Traumatizied by recent events at work, Gayl numbs himself with powerful digital narcotics. JD reveals his plan to rebuild his marsupial pouch mucus empire.


Episode 8: Finding Jerry


A mysterious Sikh electrician reveals to Gayl the horrible truth about JD Castlemane. Gayl and Rev. Dave follow JD to a secret location, and uncover a nefarious plot involving black market kangaroos.


Episode 9: Asexual Asset


Gayl and JD announce their plans to create “Rootopia,” an idyllic farm to raise kangaroos and harvest their pouch mucus.


Episode 10: A Totally Renée Wedding


Renée and Dijon gear up for their live wedding spectacular on the Shop At Home Channel. JD seeks revenge after a stunning betrayal, and Gayl embarks on a dangerous mission to end the asexual threat.


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