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Season One


One man’s misguided quest to conquer the world of home shopping. Gayl Pile (Morgan Waters) finds himself stuck in the daily grind as a host on the Shop-At-Home-Channel in Hamilton, ON.


Episode 1: Steal of a Deal


Shop At Home Channel host Gayl Pile is stuck in a rut, but his world gets rocked when he meets charismatic Australian beauty expert JD Castlemane.


Episode 2: All the Tampons


Desperately seeking JD’s approval, Gayl does whatever it takes to sell all of JD’s tampons.


Episode 3: Dirty Thirty


Gayl grapples with the anniversary of his mother’s death, which coincidentally falls on his birthday. Rev. Dave wants JD gone, but Renée reveals a stunning truth that makes JD considers staying.


Episode 4: Sticking Around


When JD decides to extend his stay at the Shop-At-Home Channel, Gayl is overjoyed. JD and Darron slide deeper into gambling debt, and Rev. Dave has a disturbing premonition.


Episode 5: Life System


Gayl falls completely under JD’s spell when he enlists in the JD Castelmane Life SystemTM. He learns all of the tricks of JD’s product-selling trade, and adopts a terrifying new persona.


Episode 6: Shut the F**k Up


JD reminds Gayl that to sell beauty products to women, you have to make them feel ugly. Gayl takes JD’s advice to heart, leading to a dramatic showdown with Renée on live TV.


Episode 7: Aussie Night on the Town


Gayl is shocked to learn that Darron has tapped Renée to guest host his show, The Ladies Power Hour. JD cheers Gayl up with an Aussie night on the town, complete with beer and dangerous liaisons.


Episode 8: Harsh Chemicals


Determined to prove himself to JD, Gayl invents his very own stain remover. Rev. Dave fears for Gayl’s future at the Shop-At-Home Channel, as Renée plots to take over Gayl’s time slot permanently.


Episode 9: Toilet Saviour


Gayl looks forward to a new business opportunity with JD as he bids farewell to the Shop-At-Home Channel. But his world comes crashing down when Rev. Dave delivers a chilling message.


Episode 10: Last Day


Feeling betrayed by JD, Gayl bares his soul on live TV. Meanwhile, JD’s gambling problems come home to roost as Darron’s violent cousins invade the Shop-At-Home Channel studio looking for payback.


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