Female Beauty Products (for women)

All of our beauty products are made with genuine MPM— Marsupial Pouch Mucus!

Secrets From The Pouch® Unleash the power of MPM on your cellulite! - $29.99

Turbo Grip® Hairspray Thanks to stiffening powers of MPM, enjoy a firm hold whatever your hairstyle -$17.99

Pretty Pitty® is the only deodorant that actually lightens your armpits! MPM fights odours and contains a natural bleaching compound. - $9.99

"Tuck in" to some roo meat!

Rooburgers - $6

Joey On a Stick - $7

Joey Soup - $5 bowl / $3 cup

Leather & other Fun Gifts

So many fun gifts in our Gift Shop! MANY MORE kangaroo leather products coming VERY soon!

Genuine Kangaroo Leather Fashion Boots Only $799.99

Buy your valentine or child a cute Kangaroo stuffy! Only $22.99

Imagine a trash bin made from a REAL KANGAROO in your office! Only $999.99