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Natasha, host of Feelin' It With Natasha
Let Natasha help you find the products you need all afternoon everyday. Before long you'll be "feelin' it" too!

Gayl Pile, host of The Ladies Power Hour
Wake up with Gayl everyday! Whether it's fashion, beauty or hygiene you want, Gayl won't steer you wrong!

Gayle Pile Sr., former host of The Ladies Power Hour
Gayle hosted the Ladies Power Hour for 20 years until her tragic death. We miss you Gayle. RIP.

Reverend Dave, host of Nite Time
Up late? Can't sleep? Your prayers are answered! Rev. Dave brings you the latest high-quality religious merchandise.

International women's beauty expert, J.D. Castlemane, is coming soon to sell his great products on the Shop At Home Channel! We are excited!
If you would like to sell products on the Shop At Home Channel, please contact station manager and CEO, Darron Shunt--->