From the SAHC archives: Glamour Turban

Shop At Home Channel’s favourite model Renee makes her speaking debut as the host of the Ladies Empower Hour!

Brooks and Morgan on SPACE!

BooksMorganSPACE2 The Amazing Gayl Pile creators Brooks Gray and Morgan Waters get interviewed by Teddy Wilson on Space. FULL INTERVIEW HERE!

From the SAHC archives: Ladies Grande Fashion Tote

Here’s an absolutely delightful bit of repartee from SAHC host Gayl Pile and ladies handbag spokesperson Diana! Just lovely.

From the SAHC archives: Ladies Fashion Boot

From the Ladies Power Hour archive, Gayl and product rep Margarine present the Ladies Fashion Boot. Enjoy The Amazing Gayl Pile from the first episode!

Happy Mother’s Day

RIP Gayle Pile, Sr.Honour the memory of Gayl Pile, Sr. by watching The Amazing Gayl Pile.

The Grid interviews The Amazing Gayl Pile

GaylintheGrid Behold the beautiful dead tree version of The Grid’s exclusive interview with Gayl Pile!
Full interview here. Watch the entire series!

A real Aussie night on the town…

Your #PleasantSundays treat! Watch an extended scene of Gayl and JD on their double date with Scarlett and Daytona! Season finale of The Amazing Gayl Pile drops on @Jash Wednesday, May 7!

NEW episodes up! Season finale next week @Jash!

Rev. Dave“Things are changing… not necessarily for the better.” – Reverend Dave.
Episodes 7, 8 and 9 are up! Season finale next week @Jash! Start from the beginning!

Three new episodes @JASH Wednesday, April 30!

Boxed Australian Wine Cross-cultural wisdom from Gayl.

Shut The F**k Up Gayl!

Fan video by J Martinez honouring Shop At Home Channel model, Renee. Keep the fan vids coming! New episodes of The Amazing Gayl Pile coming Wednesday, April 30!