Gayl Pile (Morgan Waters)
Gayl Pile hosts ‘The Ladies’ Power Hour’, the lowest-paid gig at the near-bankrupt Shop-At-Home Channel. Six days per week from 10am until noon, Gayl engages in cheery banter with female-skewed product inventors and beauty experts as they sell their wares live on the air. With his upstaging antics, banal anecdotes, and bad jokes, Gayl puts a positive spin on everything, if only to mask a deep sense of panic that life is passing him by. But Gayl is determined to “win the future,” so he embarks on a misguided quest to re-invent himself as entrepreneur and TV pitchman extraordinaire, The “Amazing” Gayl Pile.

J.D. Castlemane (Andy King)
J.D. Castlemane is a self-proclaimed “female beauty virtuoso.” Loud, vain, and obnoxiously Australian, he lives the faux-glamourous life of an international product pitchman, selling Aussie-inspired beauty products for women. J.D. has everything Gayl wants: fame, fortune, and females. He’s living proof that in the TV pitchman game, being a shameless douchebag doesn’t guarantee success, but it helps.

Reneé LeMans (Inessa Frantowski)
Reneé LeMans is the Shop-At-Home-Channel’s most popular on-air fashion model, appearing on The Ladies Power Hour with Gayl Pile every day. Her sexy yet strong presence is appealing to housebound women of all ages. She swans around the studio like Elizabeth Taylor, but believes that Gayl’s dorky image undermines her on-screen appeal so in her spare time she tries to get him fired.

Reverend Dave (Brooks Gray)
Rev. Dave White is a self-righteous clergyman who makes a living pushing shoddy religious collectables on the Shop-at-Home Channel. Dave considers himself Gayl’s spiritual guide and constantly offers him unsolicited counsel, usually over microwave burritos in the Shop-At-Home-Channel lunchroom.

Darron Shunt (Leo Scherman)
Darron Shunt looks like a failed soap opera actor from the ‘90s, but he’s actually the lowest- status member of the Shunt crime family. Darron usually avoids work while hidden away in his dingy office, surfacing only to suck up to whichever celebrity product pushers stop by the studio. He’d prefer to fire Gayl, but that would involve too much paper work.

The Amazing Gayl Pile was created by Brooks Gray and Morgan Waters.