The Amazing Gayl Pile: Apocalypse Soonish’



It’s been three years since the end of Season 3, and to put it mildly, things are different now. The world is on the brink of collapse, but Gayl (Morgan Waters) and JD (Andy King) ignore global turmoil while harvesting marsupial pouch mucus on their idyllic kangaroo farm, ‘Rootopia’. Farm life helps Gayl get in touch with his butch side, but all is not well as JD grows bored of the “female beauty racket”. Their rural bliss is shattered when some radical environmentalists (the “greenies”) invade Rootopia to “free the kangaroos”.

Gayl and JD narrowly escape to the USA with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Renee (Inessa Frantowski) has set a world record by giving birth to nine healthy babies (nonuplets). She takes advantage of the publicity, and she and Dijon (Capindo Capindo) find “success” with a new reality show. Rev. Dave (Brooks Gray) finds love with a sexy televangelist Kitty (Linda Kash), but is she too good to be true? On the lam in the USA, Gayl is still haunted by a cryptic message from his long lost father (season three cliffhanger). Can Gayl and JD uncover the truth and reclaim Rootopia before it’s too late?


Starring: Morgan Waters, Andy King, Inessa Frantowski, Brooks Gray, Daniel Stolfi, Natasha Bromfield, Capindo Capindo.
Guest Stars: Paul Scheer, Jon Hamm, Jack McBrayer, June Diane Raphael, Jon Daly, Rich Fulcher, Scott Thompson, Esther Povitsky, Linda Kash
Created by: Brooks Gray & Morgan Waters


Produced by LaRue Entertainment
Executive Produced by: Matt King, Andrew Ferguson, Morgan Waters, Brooks Gray, Tinu Sinha, Tom Spriggs, Becca Kinskey, Paul Scheer, Jonathan Stern
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